Blu Mar Ten – From the Vaults Vol. 6 1994


Blu Mar Ten
I recently found a whole bunch of mixes I did between 1992 and 1997 and started the long process of ripping the cassettes to mp3.
As I work through them in no particular order I’ll put them up here for download.
Remember the sound quality isn’t great as they were all recorded through a mixer with no EQ and committed to cassette on a shabby home stereo…But what the hell, it’s that authentic 90s sound through and through.

DJ Exodus & Head Pressure: Glass Pipe Fury
DJ Pulse: Stay Calm (Foul Play rmx)
Foul Play: Being With You
Koda: Spacetek
New Jack Pimps: Water Jelly
Gappa G & Hypa Hypa: Information Centre
Missng: Back to Consciousness
Aphrodite: Beat Booyaa
Missing: Flex and Relax
Amazon II: Control Yourself
Badman: War for 94
Trace: Inside Information
Orca: Intalect
Foul play: Being With You (remix)
SDR & Subsonic: Speakers
Hyper-On Experience: Disturbance (Tango rmx)
Coolhand Flex: Legal Rights
DJ Exodus & Head Pressure: Rude Boy Dem
DJ Krome & Mr Time: The Licence
DJ Solo: Darkage
Remarc: Drum n Bass Wise
Boogie Times Tribe: Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown rmx)

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